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Via Smith - Faire Square Citrine (RG142)

This ancient yellow stone is believed to hold healing powers of positivity and confidence.  So it just had to be displayed in a strong but simple setting! (Citrine is also associated with the birth month of November)

A sterling silver band and bezel holds a beautifully faceted cut square citrine gem, decorated by small brass angled squares on each side.

(We choose to use yellow brass in our rings, rather than gold plate, because of its longevity. Brass will not colour fade or wear. Therefore we encourage our customers to wear their via SMiTH rings anywhere, all the time.)

RG142 The Square Citrine  



RG142 comes in three sizes:

Extra Large – American standard size 10 (19.8mm diameter)

Large – American standard size 9 (19mmm diameter)

Medium -American standard size 7.5  (17.7mm diameter)

Small – American standard size 6   (16.5mm diameter)

The maximum width of the ring at front  is 16mm, and narrows to 6mm at back.

Tips and tricks for a better fit:

Go up a size for wider bands. The wider the band the tighter the fit.

Size: Medium - 7.5

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