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A little organisation goes a long way when it comes to New Year resolutions

The beginning of a new year brings the most wonderful feeling of hope, a hope for change and the drive to make it happen. 

Even if we don't want to, a new year always has us setting resolutions, goals and intentions for the year ahead, and they always involve change. For some, these are passing thoughts - like "this year I would like to be more kind" - and for others they are more intentional, written down and revisited over time. 



For change to really happen, it's important to jump in with a clear head, and nothing clears my head quite like organisation. At the start of the new year and at the beginning of spring, getting myself, my work, my wardrobe and my home organised really helps me to align my thoughts. 

If you find that your resolutions, goals and intentions are rarely fulfilled, try starting the year like me, with a little organisation! It doesn't work every time (let's be honest, I still don't have Elle Macpherson's body - did you know that she's 53??!) but it definitely helps to clear my head and get started on working towards the achievable ones. 

Not sure where to start? I've included five ways that I organise myself below that you might find helpful! 



1. Organising the pantry really helps, especially if your resolutions are health related. 

Tupperware and labels are key for me when sorting out the mess that is my pantry, especially after Christmas! Empty all of your baking goods into labelled containers and throw away the packaging. While you are at it, also throw away anything that is out of date, or that doesn't align with your goals.  

2. Organise your wardrobe. 

I really hate this one, in fact sometimes I put it off because, as you can imagine, working for Alice, I am quite attached to my clothes and giving things away can be tough! My rule of thumb is to give away anything that you haven't worn the past year, unless you have a really solid sentimental reason for keeping it - none of this "but it might come back into fashion" crap. Be ruthless.
Then I throw away and replace all of my basics, like white t-shirts and elm pants, that have seen a bit too much love over the year (such a great time to do it as there is a lot on sale!). I always review the final collection and then fill in any gaps with new purchases. 



3. Organise your desk/office. 

For me, this always starts with purchasing a brand new A4, day-to-page diary. Every year I mean to buy one before Christmas but I always put it off and end up running down to Officeworks on Jan 3 to get whatever they have left... Every day I like to write down the tasks I need to complete (can be as simple as "check emails" and cross them off as I finish them. 
Clean thoroughly and throw away any ink-less pens (remember, you really only need one...) 

4. Get on top of your calendar. 

Become one of those women who is chained to her calendar or diary, whether it be on your phone or physical, and your mind will thank you for it - you'll never again say "I think I am forgetting something". For this, I like to use a small physical diary with a week to a page, which gives me some foresight! 



5. Throw away your junk. 

I know you have it, loads of it... All those things laying around your home that you don't need or love, get rid of them! I've been doing a lot of reading about minimalism, and while I don't think the lifestyle is for me, I have found it so helpful to clear away some of the junk - it makes me feel more organised and on top of things... I am yet to miss anything that I have thrown away so far! 

I hope this helps you to become a little more organised, so that you can start the year fresh and on top of your resolutions! 

All images via Pinterest