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Stretch Trousers: A Wardrobe Problem-Solver

How many times have you woken up in the morning, to stand in front of your wardrobe with a hopeless feeling in your gut? 

The "I have nothing to wear" conundrum is common, but easily solved with a simple wardrobe addition: the stretch trouser. 

Nothing to wear to work? A stretch trouser will do the trick. Nothing to wear on the school run? Grab your stretch trousers. Nothing to wear to your hair appointment? Stretch trousers!! 

They are the most useful wardrobe item that you will ever own. They are comfortable (essential for busy women!!) and quite literally can be worn anywhere, save bed! 

If you already have a pair, dig them out and hang them (or fold if you are a Marie Kondo believer - lol) front and centre! If you don't, here's your friend Alice's favourites.


Sacha Drake - Patti Stretch Pant - $199 

This pant is such a gorgeous, comfortable pair for work or play! The fabric is of a medium thickness, with loads of stretch, has a flattering double layer at the tummy and a lovely dot detail woven in. 

These pants are special, and will last you years. They are a great option for the workplace, on both meeting days and casual Fridays, and are the hero you will reach for for all the errand running you do! 

I have a friend who wore these to a wedding. 



Foil - Sig 7/8 Taper Trapeze Pant - $89.95 


These are Alice's most popular pant. Affordable and in a range of colours, these are a no-brainer. 

Alice has styled hers for the office, important meetings, grocery shopping and days at home - you know the ones, when you think you might have someone popping around, but you want to be as comfy as possible! 

They come in slate (pictured), navy, black, paperbark and white. On sale in some colours!

 Heartfelt Designs - 3/4 Pant in White - SALE $69.95

It doesn't get more comfortable, or more useful than this sweet pair, with a gorgeous seam detail in the centre. 

Available in white and navy, this is Alice's pick for layering under long tops. At a cropped length, these pants are perfect for that! 

Holmes & Fallon - Slim Pant - SALE $49

With the sweet eyelet detail at the hem, these pants offer a little embellishment! They're super stretchy and really lightweight, so you can wear them in any season!

A thin elastic waist means that you can layer these under long tops and dresses. 

Available in navy and white