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Get the Look: Leather and Lace

My personal style is very plain and simple - I love clean lines, black everything, denim with plain tops. I tend to shy away from anything that is pretty (while I admire florals, and love when my friends wear pretty dresses, I simply can't bring myself to wear them - they just aren't me!) or girly, so naturally, lace and I just don't really get along. 

Like my feelings about florals, I adore lace and I think that there is nothing more beautiful than a simple lace dress. When the Morgan Tunic in cream by Darling London arrived at the My Friend Alice office, I was in love. It is a beautiful tunic-style dress in a creamy lace that is semi-sheer at the sleeves. I instantly wanted to take it home but as soon as I tried it on, my heart broke -while it was stunning, this dress couldn't be further from my personal style. I felt silly and like I was wearing a different skin. 

So with disappointment I put it back on its hanger and went about my day... But that dress stayed on my mind. In desperation (I really, really, really wanted that dress to be mine) I began to experiment, and it wasn't long before I stumbled across the idea of pairing leather with lace.

There is no better way to un-pretty a dress than styling it with a slick leather jacket and a pair of black booties. One of the perks of working in fashion is that I have hundreds of pieces of clothes at my fingertips (it also happens to be terrible for my bank balance), so I snuck off again with my beloved lace dress, only this time I also had a super soft Mesop leather jacketunder my arm. 

When I put the two together, the result was everything I had been hoping for. The simple leather jacket had changed the dress completely - I felt pretty, but I still felt like myself. Needless to say, I added both to cart and I have been on a high ever since! 

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Dress: Darling London Morgan Tunic
Jacket: Mesop Leather Jacket (also comes in white!)