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Blog: Stormy Colours for a Stormy Day

One thing that I have learnt about the Blue Mountains since working in beautiful Leura, is that the weather up here can be extremely moody. 

This morning when I arrived up in the office (I live down at the foot of the mountain) it was a lovely, sunny day and it remained that way until about an hour ago, when the weather started to turn. 

From the window at my desk I have a gorgeous view of the valley and subsequently a gorgeous view of storms rolling in. 

For the past hour I have been sitting here splitting my time between plugging away at the computer and watching as the world turns grey. 

It got me thinking about the colour - for me, grey is the definition of autumn/winter dressing. 

As soon as the date ticks over, I slip out of my brights and into all things grey. Why? I just don't know; it is a completely subconscious decision. 

At first I thought that I moved to grey in depression (you'll know that I am a summer lover at heart, if you read my last blog post) but I don't think that's the case, given that I rejoice in wearing the colour. It's a comfort to me. 

I can't be the only one who has this reaction, given the amount of beautiful storm coloured pieces that have slipped into the warehouse with the new season. 

My favourites so far have to be the coats. Mesop has released an absolutely beautiful grey coat, with a uniquely cut lapel, while Sass's Softly Jacket is in a more classic trench coat style. 

A trick that I learnt with coats is to work from the outside, in when layering - in terms of colour, that is. If you are wearing a light grey coat, wear darker colours underneath that get progressively darker as you get closer to your body. With a dark coat, do the opposite.

If it is not a grey coat that I am wearing, I am always snuggled up in stormy coloured knits.

Fate has released a gorgeous longline cardigan in shades of black and grey. Wite has a lovely soft grey knit for the season. But my favourite for the season has to be Fate's Yani Sweater - it is gorgeously snuggly! 

Grey knits are great for styling with black denim, whites and other shades of grey. Don't shy away from an outfit made up entirely of grey, providing you are wearing different tones. 

When it comes to pairing grey with other colours, I always follow by the same rule: light grey with pastels, dark grey with brights. This is true especially for pinks and reds. 

I'd love to know how you style your grey pieces - get in touch via Facebook! xx