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Just in case you're feeling hungry

It's 4.30pm on a Tuesday and I'm feeling a little peckish so I took to Instagram to find the best food photos. I'm a bit of a sweet tooth so apologies (sorry, not sorry) for the sugar overload!


Call it inspiration or call it torture; however you feel about it, your eyes will thank me later!

This one by Instagrammer @chocolatesuze is of a sea salt soft serve from Aquas in Sydney. 

Instagrammer @cafedelites is an absolute legend. She creates these amazing meals and desserts, including heath(ier) options. We've tried this recipe and its delicious. 

We snuck this one from @snobfashionblog. Who wouldn't love a chocolate pav? 

This delightful waffle concoction is from @cupcakegirlcuppcake

Polishing it off with another from our fave, @cafedelites. Nutella crepes! We promise the kids will LOVE this!