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Five mistakes you should never make if you are a brick

If you’ve got broad shoulders, no waist, a flat bum and chunky legs, welcome to the life of a brick. When they coined the term for your shape, The Body Shape Bible’s Trinny and Susannah admitted that it’s probably not the nicest way to describe you… but it’s fitting, right?

“Your predicament is that from behind you have a masculine shape… You look powerful and strong, which is wonderful for the gym, but not so lovely at a time when you want people to see your fragile side,” the pair wrote.

“You no doubt feel that it’s impossible to be feminine, and you are right, it’s hard. But the thing you can do in spades is glamour.”

We all make mistakes when it comes to what we wear but if you’re a brick, these are the mistakes you simply shouldn’t be making!



  1. Hating your body shape

Yes, being a brick means that your waist and bottom are not defined, your shoulders might be broad and you might have an almost masculine stance but rejoice in this because there are so many styles that are made for you! Being a brick means that you can wear some of my favourite clothes, like wrap dresses, trench coats, stilettos and printed tops when other body types should steer clear. 


  1. Wearing shoes that aren’t feminine

The beauty of being a brick is that you should be dressing as feminine as possible, to offset the masculine elements of your shape. Steer clear of brogues and loafers but embrace sexy stilettos and dainty sandals. Heels are great because they will perk up your bottom a little bit (and let’s face it, we flat-bottom girls need all the help we can get in this department) and lengthen your legs.

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  1. Deciding to wallow in baggy clothes

Wearing an all baggy outfit is basically a sin, Bricks. Instead, look for garments that give you a waist, like a high waisted wrap dress that draws attention to the one place of definition in your body – the space between your boobs and tummy. Steer clear of shapeless coats and opt for a trench or something that chinches you in the middle. A fitted tank will carve out your figure and give you a little more shape.

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  1. Accentuating your already broad shoulders

No matter how much you love that military jacket, it just isn’t going to do it for you. Wear tops with feminine round necks, wide scarves and wraps that break up your torso, three-quarter length sleeves and coats with wide lapels that come right out to the end of your shoulders. Just look for anything that will give you some shape and will draw attention away from your shoulders. 

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  1. Wearing short skirts

The worst mistake you could make, according to our expert body shape duo. Wear asymmetric, knee length skirts instead or something that floats and swings as you walk. When it comes to trousers, you need something that flows – never wear a trouser that is too tight and hugs your thighs.

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