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Women Shoes


Our Brands: Mr Shirts

No longer do we have to beg, borrow and steal business shirts from our men, because Mr Shirts has arrived at My Friend Alice. 

Imagine your man's crisp white shirt (you know the one; it's a little long in the sleeves and doesn't quite fit where it's supposed to, but you wear it because you haven't found an equivalent for women) only it has been specifically designed to fit you.

Enter 'The Only Boyfriend Shirt' by Mr Shirts - it is just like your man's except that everything you don't like about his is gone and, having been made by Mr Shirts (famous for making men's shirts that are of an excellent quality), it is crisp, immaculate and of a high-thread-count. 

Seriously, I can't believe that I have never found a shirt of this calibre for women and for that reason I just want to say: "Thank you Mr Shirts!!!" and, consequently "Thank you My Friend Alice", because without her we wouldn't be able to shop them online! 

I won't deny it, I was most excited about getting my hands on the perfect white shirt but each of the other colours stocked by My Friend Alice in sky blue, midnight blue and black are just as fabulous. 

Each one is made with 100% superfine cotton, has a luxury 2ply 120s thread-count and lovely mother-of-pearl buttons. 

I'd wear mine to work, out for drinks and even just heading out to the shops, with jeans, a skirt, heels, trousers and even over swimwear at the beach - basically, I would wear it anywhere, everywhere and at any time. 

Check them out HERE