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The Benefits Of Bamboo

My Friend Alice has recently welcomed White Label to the ranks; a line of fashion basics ranging from plain t-shirts to sweat pants. 

As a wearer of mostly basics (seriously, you should see my denim and t-shirt collection), I was thrilled when these were delivered but what has me most excited about the line is the range of bamboo blend t-shirts that it includes. 

Bamboo has only recently emerged as a talked about fibre in fabric development (probably thanks to the fact that more people are buying 'organic' these days - more on this later) but it is still a little hard to come by when you are just cruising the shops.

And it is such a shame that we can't find bamboo everywhere, because there are loads of benefits to wearing it.

The first is its soft, luxurious feel. In terms of softness, bamboo textiles have been likened to silk; a result of the lack of chemical treatment involved in bamboo fibre's production, and the White Label shirts are no exception. They look like normal t-shirts but feel, may I be so bold as to say, very, very expensive. 

Another benefit is that bamboo shirts like these have antibacterial components, which keeps our bodies fresh and smelling lovely - a massive plus for spring/summer. If it isn't good enough that they are odour cancelling, bamboo textiles are also highly sweat absorbent, so they keep you dry as well. 

But it isn't likely that you will be working up too much of a sweat in these tops, given that they are strong insulators, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, while still being breathable. 

Another benefit, for those of us who are prone to reactions, eczema and skin irritations brought on by other fabrics, bamboo is an excellent choice because of its hypoallergenic properties. 

Finally, I hinted earlier about bamboo fabric's eco-friendly nature... It is one of the most sustainable fabrics; it is biodegradable, renewable and because it simply regenerates after harvest, growing bamboo for fabric couldn't be any greener.