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Blog: New Season, New Arrivals, New Loves


Autumn is here and at My Friend Alice HQ - in beautiful Leura right up in the Blue Mountains - the air has a chill to it, so it really does feel like a change of season. 

My goodness, where on earth have the last two months gone? It feels like only a couple of weeks ago that we were celebrating Christmas, and jetting off on sunny holidays. 

Things have been super busy here (probably why March has sprung up on us) as we have been in full sale mode, as well as receiving new stock every couple of days.

We have been excitedly opening boxes to fawn over our new arrivals (hello gorgeous knits, snuggly coats and lovely dresses), photographing each piece and trying our very best to describe them in extra detail! 

I think I am a summer girl at heart but being around all of these autumn and winter styles for the last few weeks has really got me excited about the new season ahead. 

To me, autumn means snuggling up under piles of blankets, toasting myself in front of the woodfire, welcoming a whole host of wonderful (and ever so chunky) knits to my collection and taking back up the search for the perfect pair of jeans (I am a self-diagnosed denim addict). 

My love of fashion - seriously, there is nothing more exciting than a seasonal wardrobe refresh - is closely followed by my love of food. Autumn foods are perhaps some of my favourites; it is the season where we can welcome back hearty soups, casseroles and elaborate, warm roasts. All while wearing a new pair of boots ha! 

While the cold and misty weather - well it definitely depends on where you live and work, but Leura is definitely cold and misty - sometimes gets me a little down, there is no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful months. Here at My Friend Alice we are blessed to work in one of the most beautiful locations in the world and in this season it really becomes romantic up here! 

I am planning on sharing more regular blog posts with you all, but until we talk next, I am wishing you a wonderful start to your autumn!

Katie xx 

P.S I would love to hear from you all - nothing makes us more excited than when we are able to chat with our friends of Alice. The best place for us to chat would be on Facebook or Instagram - comment on any post, let me know how you are and what you would be interested in reading from us!