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Blog: The Secret Garden

Hello there, lovely ladies - how are you all on this fine Monday?

Things at My Friend Alice HQ are great, busy but great, and the freezing weather has managed to hold off for a little while. 

If you have been keeping up to date with this blog, you would already know that the My Friend Alice office is located in lovely Leura, NSW in the Blue Mountains.

It is a beautiful, picturesque place but it gets very, very cold in winter (you will hear me complain about this many times before the winter is out, I can assure you!), it even snows once or twice a year, so on those autumn days where the weather is still mild we like to get outside. 

The office, which incidentally is located in a beautiful, cottage-style home, is surrounded by a huge, lush garden affectionately known by some (me, mostly) as the secret garden. 

Remember the book, and the movie 'The Secret Garden'? This garden is strikingly similar. It is romantically wild, full of overgrown pathways twisting and winding through. You could spend hours exploring it. 

I went out for a stroll today, in my favourite knit, the Mesop Frenchie Jumper and with my Fate Aviana Jacket in tow (in case the weather turns... which is not totally unlikely!). 

The Frenchie Jumper is a gorgeous, striped knit by Mesop clothing. I wouldn't call it a chunky knit but it is quite dense, which is perfect for cool days. The quality is second to none and I love that it is quite flattering to wear (thanks to the rounded hem and sides that taper in slightly). 

I am a huge fan of parka-style jackets, which is why the Aviana Jacket calls out to me. It is light, easy to wear and in a wear-with-anything colour. It is quite light, perfect for throwing over knits and for taking with you when you aren't sure what the weather will be like (Melbourne readers, I have seen four seasons in one day in your city, so I know that you get what I am talking about haha!!). 

The stroll today was a truly lovely one, made even better by a comfortable, warm outfit. There is something calming about being in the outdoors, and when I stepped back into the office I felt relaxed and rearing to get back to work! 

Is it just me, or does time in the garden have this effect on everyone? Let me know on our social media channels...  

Have a wonderful week! 

xx Katie