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Four Reasons Why You Should Slip On a Vest This Season

There's the furry kind, the shearling kind, the work-appropriate kind and the luxurious kind. Whatever kind of vest catches your eye, here's four reasons why you should give it a go this season. 

1) It keeps you warm in the middle of winter 

When you choose to layer it of course! Vests are a great way to add a little bit of extra warmth where you need it. Sometimes the weather is not cool enough for a coat, but you need a little extra layer at your chest - hello vest! (plus, you look a lot more cosy too!) 

2) It transforms an outfit from average to trendy 

Picture this; you are wearing your usual long sleeved tee and denim uniform to pick up the kids from school. It is comfortable and useful but a little boring... Add a vest (like this one by lilya) and your outfit is instantly stepped up a notch, while still looking casual. 

3) You can wear it anywhere 

People often live by the misconception that vests (especially fur vests) should only be reserved for the evening. I am busting this myth right now! Vests are wonderful for any occasion - we'd wear a full faux fur vest like this one no matter what time of day, it is so fabulous! 

4) It's easy to style 

The most wonderful thing about vests is that they are so easy to get right. Style your vest over a long sleeved tee, with a pair of chic trousers or layer it under a coat or parka when you need some extra warmth. 


Here's some of our favourite vests...

- Lilya Alchemist Vest in Plum (also comes in Grey)
- PS The Label Fast Fading Vest
- Fate Astrid Vest 
- Fate Carli Vest 
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