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Our Brands: Charli

Posted by Katie Tweed on 2016-03-24

Super soft cashmere blend jumpers, gorgeous washed linen pieces and modal jersey basics are what you can expect when you are browsing Charli.

The contemporary London-based label was designed to, year after year, bring forward a collection of quality made urban essentials that have a contemporary fashion-forward design.

Charli is most famous for its use of innovative fabric blends, though the sheer quality of each piece, and the obvious love that goes into its creation, is what has driven the label’s popularity with consumers.

Charli’s knits are absolutely exquisite, and were something that My Friend Alice simply couldn’t go without, so she welcomed the label to the family in Autumn/Winter 2016.

These knits are luxurious, investment pieces to last you a lifetime. 

Shop Charli here: Charli at My Friend Alice 

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