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How To: Styling Stripes

Ah stripes: they can be your best friend or your enemy and it all comes down to how you style them. 

Alice's four favourite striped pieces are so different and there is no blanket styling rule that fits them all - you see, just like us, stripes come in all different shapes and sizes. 


Stripes in Volume



As you can see, the Make Mischeif Dress by August Street is very heavy on the stripe, with nothing but a white cuff to break up the print. It comes quite high on the neck as well. 

As a friend put it the other day, it's a 'Where's Wally' dress. BUT it doesn't have to be. 

Style a dress like this with a print-free coat or longline cardigan to break up the crazy stripe print.

If you are wearing it on its own, avoid other prints and wear a block colour shoe (like a white sneaker).




Bottom Heavy, Bold Stripes 

Let's bust this myth for good: horizontal stripes do not make you look wide! So now, let's get on with styling some bold, stripy bottoms for you... 

Bottoms like these are great for drawing the eye, so choose them if you have great legs, a great derrière or if you want to draw attention away from a large bust.

Style these with something simple up top, avoiding any crazy prints. 

I always wear these with a long-falling jumper. 




Soft, Muted Stripes

 Striped skirts are wonderful, wonderful additions to any wardrobe, especially a lovely flattering one like the Ashleigh Skirt by Darling London

Muted stripes like these are perfect for a newbie to the stripe wearing world. They encourage you to show them off and can really make an outfit pop. 

Wear this skirt with a coloured top, tuck in the top and you are ready to rock the town! 

The stripes here are shaped to flatter! 




Vertical, Skinny Stripes

A top like the Smoke and Mirrors Blouse by PS The Labelis one to be celebrated, so ensure that you style it to show it off. 

Choose a pair of gorgeous trousers or black jeans and pair them with this top. 

BUT because of the large portion of white, thanks to the skinny stripes, this top was made to be mixed with other prints - a floral skirt perhaps, or a trouser with a geometric print!