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How To: Styling a Statement Colour

Is it just me, or are statement colours a little scary? 

A fabulous, brightly coloured coat like this one by PS The Label always leaves me in awe (and kinda jealous of the wearer) but if I come across one on a rack, I often leave it for the next happy shopper. 

It's not that I don't love colour (I LOVE COLOUR) it's just that I find stand out, statement pieces a little daunting - I am more of a 'blend into the crowd' girl when it comes to colour. 

So I got some tips from a dear bright-colour-wearing friend of mine, who is queen of the statement pieces. 

She gave me some interesting things to think about, and a new passion for wearing bright, statement pieces. 

Here's her 5 top tips... 

1 - Keep Makeup Minimal 

A smokey eye or a dark eyeliner is passable but when it comes to lips, keep them nude! Your statement piece is just that, a statement, so don't detract from it with a bright coloured lip. The ultimate crime: red lips and a red coat! 

2 - Avoid Clashing Colours 

If you want to wear other colours with your statement piece, keep them all in the same family - reds with other shades of red or oranges, pinks etc. Very few women have the confidence to pull off a bright blue dress with a bright red coat etc. and when they do it looks amazing but when you are just starting out on your colour journey, keep it simple! 

3 - When in Doubt, Wear Neutrals 

You'll always be safe to match a bright colour with nude, white and black. 

4 - Gold and Silver Accessories Reign Supreme 

If you think you can rock a crazy pair of earrings with your crazy coloured piece, by all means go ahead, you'll absolutely kill it! But if you are trying to play it safe, do so with classic jewellery pieces. 

5 - Wear it with Confidence 

Don't hide inside your bright red coat, let yourself shine with your confidence. You will look fabulous either way but nothing makes a colour pop like a beautiful personality.