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How To: Always Have Something To Wear

I read a similar headline to a popular blog recently, and was excited to read this list. But when I got to the bottom of the list, I felt old and grumpy. Why? Because I knew if I wore most of the items on the list I'd look like a fashion victim.

So instead, I offer you an alternative list (if you're over trying to keep up with trends).

  1. Jackets, jackets, jackets.

For work, for dinners out, for book club, for cool weather, for wet weather, for bad hair days... and for more formal dressing – you'll need a jacket. First, figure out which shape suits you, and always be on the look out for that same basic cut. 



  1. Fabulously fitted jeans

Yes, it's fine to catch a pair of cheap jeans when you find a pair that fit, but when you think about how often you wear your denims, then a pair that fit perfectly, and are made to last, are worth the investment. A good pair of jeans might cost you $200 plus, but why? What you are paying for is quality fabric, and the kind of thoughtful engineering that lifts your butt and guarantees no saggy bottom. With well fitted denim, you shouldn't need to adjust them once you are wearing them either. 


  1. Supportive underwear.

One of my gal pals has size G boobs. This friend knows that bras are going to cost her heaps of $$$, and they are going to get worn out too soon. But we can't say this often enough, especially if you have big boobs, get fitted with a few awesome bras, in black, nude and a cool colour regularly, and look after them by washing them super gently by hand only infrequently. 


  1. Pants that fit reaaaaaaal good

Whatever your shape, there are pair of pants out there with your name on them. Get in tune with the style of pants that give you a nice feminine style.  The good news is they don't need to be boring. But it does absolutely make sense to have at least one pair of dressy trousers in black.


  1. Glamorous dresses

Weddings, parties and anniversaries come around regularly in life, and you're going to want a sexy gorgeous dress to wear. Knowing what suits you might be as easy as identifying your favourite dress in your existing wardrobe, and analyzing the shape and why it suits you so well.  You can shop the latest arrival dresses on Alice here.


  1. Flattering skirts

For some figure shapes, particularly pears, can't get enough of skirts. A friend of mine who lives in skirts often takes her favourite latest cut to be copied by a dressmaker. It saves time shopping around for the same magic cut.


 7. Accessories

For summer that means an awesome sun hat, and cool earrings. But don’t forget to have fun with cool rings, scarves, stockings too. These affordable updates might be just the thing to bring your old favourites to life again.


8. A fake jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are pretty groovy, but hard to wear for some. That's why you might want to fake it. This means matchy matching a pant and top in the same colour. The safest bet for first timers is a figure flattering black or navy. Just follow the same rules as you would for a top and bottoms to suit your body shape.

 9. Beautiful shoes

For a girls who loves fashion as much as I do, I really don’t have that many shoes. But what I do spend on is qualit pairs. I want shoes that are beautifully made, and they must be comfortable. Apart from that, I buy different shapes and colours, funnily I really don’t have many in plain black pair, I think its more interesting to wear a nude with black these days.


  1. A killer bag

Really, handbags should be awesome. You don’t need many, but you can't beat leather for a quality look. And if you have fewer bags, you'll less often waste time searching for your lipstick.