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Outfit: a special silk dress


The Dreamer Label has some truly beautiful clothes. It is hard to come up with a word to describe this collection as a whole but we think that 'floaty' pretty much sums it up. This dress is made from 100% silk, which gives it a lovely feel and the way that it falls is just fabulous. A dress as soft and floaty as this one looks amazing with an understated pair of flats or sandals but add a leather jacket or bold tights and you're ready to rock. Mixing a soft, floaty garment with a structured, bold one makes for a really interesting look. 

This dress is by The Dreamer Label. Its graphic black and white print is entirely unique - you won't find another one like it anywhere. You'll fall in love with the softness of the silk - $299

A pair of cropped black boots are essential to any woman's wardrobe and with a unique embellishment, this pair by Freya and Sabine is especially covetable. This pair is a dark grey, with the slightest hint of blue - $269

These ponte pants are a must have for women who like to wear dresses. Dresses are beautiful for summer but our poor legs suffer in the winter. Pop these on under a dress and you'll instantly feel warmer - $119.95

Sashenka's faux leather bags are perfect for women on the go. This bag can be worn as a clutch or as a satchel and it can be changed from black to white. If you struggle making decisions, we highly recommend this one - $89.95

Add a bit of colour with these handmade sunglasses by Nick Campbell. We love the clear, coloured frames of this pair. They're so glam - $260