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Here at My Friend Alice, we get excited whenever a new delivery of beautiful clothing, shoes or accessories turns up at the doorstep.

We all rush to the box, open it and stand in awe of the exquisite pieces that we can share with Friends of Alice. 

But we have never been more excited about a new product arrival than our most recent delivery of Lacambra leather bags. 

They arrived at My Friend Alice HQ yesterday, direct from Spain, where they are hand made from the softest of leathers. 


Alice's friend Melissa was given a Lacambra bag many years ago and it was love at first sight. 

She was awed by the softness of the leather, the quality of the bag and the rich colour that it came in. 

She took it everywhere with her and would jump at the opportunity to tell people about it. 

Ever since, it has been our ambition to share Lacambra with you. 

We've got five different styles to share with you, each one as lovely as the last and we're sure that no matter what type of bag you like, we'll have you covered with Lacambra. 

In addition, we've got a beautiful selection of colours, including metallics, fire engine red, pink, camel and black. 

Have a squiz at the range here