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Alice's Pick: Summer Essentials

Summer is finally here (although as I am writing this I am rugged up in a coat, looking out on a rainy, misty day - go figure)...

If we are going to make it through the season seamlessly (fashion-wise, I mean), our wardrobes need to be stocked with some summer essentials - the bare necessities that we can call upon when we (so often) have nothing to wear.  

I truly believe that you can get by in summer with a minimum of 10 essential items. If you have them, you'll survive but if you don't, it's time to start thinking about stocking your wardrobe! 

1. Swimwear that isn't saggy, too old or inappropriate. When it comes to swimwear, it is most important that you are wearing something that is of an excellent quality that makes you look and feel comfortable! Get yourself a pair that can take you from beach, to pool and back again!

2. Something to cover up with. Let's face it, being confident about our bodies in swimwear is always a challenge, so if you aren't totally keen on baring it all, make sure you have a chic coverup (I love this one by Kalypso). In addition, coverups like ponchos and kimonos protect you from the sun! 

3. A pair of chic summer sandals. Opt for something that can be dressed up or down, like a pair of Les Trops Bess Sandals, to cover you for all occasions. 

4. A cute piece of summer jewellery. Sometimes all you need is a statement piece of jewellery to spice up an outfit. A necklace or chunky wrist cuffwill do the trick! 

5. Every woman needs a special summery dress. My favourite at the moment is the Fate Clothing Paper Mache Dress. Try to pick something that you can wear in the daytime and in the evening. 

6. A pair of linen shorts. Yep, this is an essential for so many reasons - linen shorts are cool, versatile and look so damn good! Alessandra Cashmere have some gorgeous pairs that aren't too short or long, plus they have an elastic waist. 

7. If you don't have a good quality pair of sunglasses, you are in desperate need of one! Go different and get something colourful this summer. I love Nick Campbell's sunnies - they are hand made! 

8. Another essential for summer is a really good, fit it all, beach bag. You can't go wrong with one of these - plus, it can double as an overnighter! 

9. A wildly gorgeous printed top is something that every woman should own. It can be your go-to for dressing up a pair of pants in the evening. 

10. A beautiful, take with you everywhere, sun hat is the most important summer essential of all. Find something with a wide brim and don't be afraid to go for a bright colour - make your hat your statement!