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How to: instantly look slimmer without dieting

Your wardrobe (and some well thought out styling) can make you look slimmer in an instant. How? You might ask... Here's 4 easy styling tips below!

1: Choose a dress with an innovative design. 

Brands like Leina Broughton, Very Very and Sacha Drake are specifically designed to flatter. Sacha Drake, for example, includes special flat waist panels, a-line skirts and clever prints that create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Look out for flat waist bands, prints that flatter the waist and if you want a figure hugging dress, opt for a darker colour. 

The dark dress above is from Leina Broughton. The neckline, gathered detail at the waist and the 3/4 length sleeves are all very slimming - especially in black and navy. 
Before I talk about the striped dress, I want to smash down the misconception that horizontal stripes make you look fat - they don't! This Sacha Drake dress uses the striped print, with the dark panel to cinch in the waist - great for women who have a column or apple body shape. 
The third dress, also from Sacha Drake is great for women who have bosoms! It is very slimming up top by drawing the eye down, with a fabulous print. 

2: Cinch that waist! 

Whether you are adding your own belt or using the tie that comes with the dress or top, cinch that waist real good! It brings the waist in at the same time as giving you a little more shape. It's important to try and use a thin belt where possible and to sit it right on the waist (just above your belly button) any higher or lower could have the opposite effect. 


3: Choose an a-line skirt that skims over your curves. 

It is important that the skirt of your a-line dress doesn't hug or grab at your curves at all, this will draw attention to them and won't have the slimming effect you desire. The same goes for your bust. You want your outfit to be well fitting but not uncomfortable looking. The fabric should be smooth over your curves and you will immediately look slimmer. 


4: Learn to love dresses and tops with v-necklines. 

A secret tip that not many women know is that v-necklines are great for slimming, especially a deep v. When specifically dressing for a slim look, I usually go for a plunging v neckline and a dark coloured dress, which gives a great contrast.