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How To: Remove a Red Wine Stain




We have all been there, right? You're having a bit too much fun on a Friday night (you know; sitting on the lounge with your work pants undone, binge eating chocolate with a slightly-too-full glass of wine balancing on your belly) when suddenly your glass of red (no fault of yours, of course) tips and alas, your white blouse has a compromising stain on it...

You probably considered making the switch to white wine for the rest of your life to avoid such situations but stop right there, ladies!! Do not give up your red wine because Alice is here to save the day with her top 4 fixes for red wine stains. 

Whether it's a table cloth (yep, been there), blouse or your favourite Christmas dress (no! anything but that dress!), these fool-proof red wine stain solutions have got you covered. 

1. Douse it in salt. 

Yep that's right, good old table salt. If you are using this tip make sure that you get to the stain within a minute of it happening. Cover the stain with a thick layer of table salt and let it sit for an hour or so. Salt is very absorbent and will soak up the wine before it has time to settle in the fabric. Brush it off after a while and voila! 

2. Use soda water 

The theory here is that if you pour carbonated water (lemonade won't work here) over the stain when it is still wet, the stain should lift. The salt method usually works better but if you're out of salt, soda water can't hurt to try! If you want, try using them both together - pour the carbonated water over the stain and then if it isn't removed completely, follow with the salt! 

3. Whip out that shaving cream 

Let's fact it, sometimes you just aren't going to get to that stain within minutes of it happening... If you discover it at a later date, the best thing to do is to cover the stain with shaving cream - it's great for removing a handful of different stains actually! 

4. Fight alcohol with more alcohol 

Time to get on the harder stuff! Grab a handy bottle of vodka (gin also works well) and pour it over the dry stain. Soak it up with a cloth (obviously one that you don't care too much about or you will have two stains to worry about) and continue until the stain is gone! 


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